‘The child is both a hope and promise for mankind’ – Maria Montessori



In addition to our main services of children’s education, care and safety, we also provide activities that are part of the basic offer of the preschool.

1 – 3 years

Learning and care program with children up to three years.

3 – 6 years

Learning and care program  with children from three years to inclusion in the Preparatory Preschool Program.

6+ years

Preparatory Preschool Program.

Healthy nutrition

Our catering services has a HACCP certificate and deliver healthy homemade dishes from carefully chosen fresh groceries, delivered daily to our facilities including breakfast, lunch, snacks and fruit.

German language lessons

German lessons are taught through play and daily activities, giving children the opportunity to learn a new language as if it was their own.

Physical Education

Daily physical activity is an important part of development and we make sure to include it in our daily routine outdoors. Partnership with the ‘Activity Centar’ sport school.

Art & Music

We include art and music into our daily curriculum Creative materials are made available every day and are an essential part of the curriculum.

Extracurricular Activities

We organise field trips to museums, theaters and similar as well as arrange activities including parents and the local community.

Psychologist & speech therapist evaluations

Routine evaluations including speech and psychological assessments are standard procedure. Individual treatments as needed.

Bilingual environment

Our environment is bilingual with Serbian being the major language and English as the second language.


Our preschool is in cooperation with BelMedic General Hospital where parents have favourable benefits of medical services. Preventative peadiatric examination (monthly and as needed), physiotherapist and dentist.

Other Services

–  Sleepover
– Swimming lessons


City subsidies

PU Moj Montessori is in the subsidy system granted by the city of Belgrade. For more information please download the PDF in the link below.


Child Insurance

All children attending Moj Montessori are insured 24h a day with Wiener Stadtische insurance company.

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Web app

We provide our parents a web application that connects them and their child through secure digital progress reports.

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