‘Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities.’ – Maria Montessori


What we offer?


Moj Montessori preschool offers a full day learning and care program to children aged 12 months to 3 years in the Toddler Program and children aged 3 to 6 in the Casa dei Bambini Program. We also cover a ‘Preparatory Preschool Program’ where we introduce formal education and preparation towards enrolling in a school system.

Our Montessori program honours the development of the whole child. It reflects and understanding that children learn through active sensory experiences and represent their knowledge in a variety of ways.

Following the key Montessori principle ‘help the child help themselves’, our spaces are child centred and purposefully prepared for their learning needs. We provide an inviting environment that appeals to a child’s emerging independence with child sized furnishings and authentic Montessori materials displayed on easily reachable shelves. Self-directed and hands-on materials facilitate learning through touching, doing and experiencing.

Every day children have the opportunity to engage and play outdoors and take part in physical activities.

Toddler Program

12 months – 3 years

This program is specifically designed for children between the ages of 12 months to 3 years. These first three years in a child’s life are considered the most important stage in their development. During this dynamic intellectual and physical growth period we introduce children to daily social interactions with other children, helping them develop gross and fine motor abilities, improve language skills, and establish independence.

We encourage self expression by helping them expand their vocabulary and in doing so sharing their experiences. Singing, storytelling, doing crafts and puzzles are just some of the many activities that we offer to stimulate and develop a child’s imagination. Our educators will ensure each child adjusts easily to classroom activities and routines while encouraging grace and courtesy exercises.

Casa dei Bambini

3 – 6 years

This program is created for children aged 3 to 6 years old. The Casa dei Bambini Program has an environment carefully created to support a child’s natural curiosity. Children in this age group posses an ‘absorbent’ mind, rapidly and effortlessly taking in information from their surroundings. Continuing to absorb knowledge children also increase their vocabulary, learn to read and write, problem solve, and gain further understanding of their environment. We give children all the necessary tools to succeed later on in life.

Preparatory Preschool Program

6 + years

At this stage children begin their formal education and preparation towards enrolling in a school system.

What we cover?


These are the key learning areas we focus on in our early years curriculum. Each subject includes elements of other areas making them all work together. Exercises in mathematics and language incorporate aspects of practical life and sensorial activities, while culture is incorporated into all areas as creativity is encouraged throughout.

Practical Life

These activities are the first to master and develop personal, social and emotional skills in children. Learning independence, fine and gross motor skills, concentration, confidence  and self care through real life activities such as dressing, polishing, pouring, sweeping, serving food, care of self and of the environment. These main areas of practical life also include grace and courtesy skills.


This aspect builds on some of the basic skills developed in Practical Life and  promotes children’s exploration and learning through the five senses. Precision, attention to detail and concentration  are further developed and refined through experiences that are all supported by our Montessori materials. Sensorial exercises provide children learning through touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell. These practical activities assist in further understanding concepts in maths, science and language.

Language and Communication

Young children have a remarkable ability to absorb and learn language. We begin this important part of the curriculum by introducing children to the alphabet, letters shapes and exposing them to a rich vocabulary through singing, storytelling and language cards.


An understanding of numbers and their relationships is introduced through manipulation of sensorial maths materials that children can see, feel, and hold. Gradually addition, subtraction, division and other numerical concepts can be understood. This part of the curriculum provides order and precision through mathematical materials which foster repetition necessary to absorb operations through practice, leading to perfection.


This area of study includes the exploration of various themes such as, Science, Geography, Botany and Nature Studies, as well as creative subjects like Art and Music. This part of the curriculum allows children to make connections to the world and their place in it, whereby introducing interdependence, interrelatedness and the harmony of all cultural aspects we live in.



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