A bilingual private preschool verified by the Ministry of Education, providing Montessori education in Serbian and English.

‘Within the child lies the fate of the future’ – Maria Montessori


Who we are?


Moj Montessori preschool is an environment that inspires and encourages children to thrive and reach their full potential.

We believe that through the Montessori approach each child is given the freedom to discover and explore themselves and the world that surrounds them. With the core belief that all children are innately curious and have a desire to absorb, we wish to nurture a lasting passion for learning.

Responsibility, independence and confidence are achieved using the Montessori Method through play-based activities with the freedom to pursue interests at their own pace. Our aim is to stimulate early childhood learning, and encourage growth, as we believe these years are an important stage of children’s development.

Using authentic Montessori materials in a creative and accessible setting, children can develop as individuals as well as part of a group. Moj Montessori is a remarkable learning space for children that is a safe and supporting environment – a home away from home.

Our team is dedicated to meet any requirements your child may have. We look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to our preschool!

What we do?


Moj Montessori preschool aims to assist children become creative future thinkers through a stimulating program, providing them with a strong foundation to build upon, and preparing for their further education through creative learning. Our main goal is to inspire continuing growth of learning as well as foster, encourage and develop your child’s natural skills in the following areas:

  • Socialisation and emotional development
  • Language and communication
  • Mathematical skills
  • Physical development
  • Worldview understanding and creative development

Our objective is to accommodate a broad range of children’s individual needs, to achieve the above goals effectively by using the Montessori Method, in order to facilitate continuous learning.


The Learning Triangle

The learning triangle comprises the educator, child and environment. The child develops through the support of the educator and interactions within the environment. Children’s independence is encouraged through freedom of choice while our educators create guidance and a sense of order.

Application of Knowledge

Using the Montessori principles from early childhood prepares children to progress from concrete to abstract thinking to applying knowledge in real-world situations. Understanding universal concepts such as justice and freedom become easier later in life as emotion and thought evolve from simply organizing information.

Individual Approach

As they grow, children experience sensitive periods when learning is naturally easier. Our educators recognize these developmental stages and cater to each child’s learning needs with appropriate activities and materials.

Multiage Groups

We mirror the real world by having different age groups interacting with one another. Younger children can observe and learn from older children who act as mentors and gain self confidence. The classroom becomes an environment where children thrive through observation and cooperation.

Exchanging ideas and working together teaches valuable communication and adaptability skills. This intelligence is applied as they move towards new academic environments.

The Clasroom & Learning Environment

In our Montessori classroom, beautifully crafted learning materials are arranged on inviting and accessible low open shelves. Children are given freedom to choose and work with any material they wish, for as long as it holds their interest, returning them after they have finished using them, encouraging order and a sense of community.

Our learning environment is enhanced with an outdoor garden space, as children’s exploration of the real world is facilitated through movement and activities that take also place outside of the classroom.

Independence & Confidence

Help me do it myself’

High self esteem has proven to ensure future success, this is why developing a child’s independence is at the core of the Montessori pedagogy. At Moj Montessori we encourage confidence and good self-esteem helping children gain an optimistic view when problem solving.

How to Apply?


We’re delighted by your interest in Moj Montessori preschool and we look forward to introducing you to our preschool and getting to know you during the application process. Contact us if you have any questions along the way. We’re here to help!


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